A dark forest road with a beam of sunlight symbolizing hope.


This webpage is here to help you with the tips, tricks, and tools that will help you live with TBI. We want to give you ideas on how to navigate the daily changes with TBI and help provoke your imagination to help you negotiate through the day.

TBIvisual.com is not an online support group nor a solution-driven web page! It is a collection of real-life experiences from many people with TBI. The moment-by-moment daily survival skills and thoughts which has given endurance to others with TBI are inside this website, no textbook theory or options from the general public, just us!


I am hoping that this web will be a good friend of yours and fill the space between support groups and doctor visits.


TBI can also mean Tremendously Beautiful Individual.

May this web page be one of your sources of balance and endurance. 


Tom Quinlan and friends 


Tom Quinlan has had the “un-welcomed companion” of TBI due to a Hit and Run ( I was the pedestrian hit from behind) many years ago and losing everything and everybody. Tom’s purpose is not to create or accept a “New Normal” for his life but to be Tom with TBI and not a TBI Tom.