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The Invisible Edges of Life

The person with a Traumatic Brain Injury lives on or up against the invisible edges of life. We try to explain to the world our challenges which are difficult for others to understand. We go to support groups in which everyone else is living on an edge that is invisible and because our edges are personally customized we may find it difficult to be understood even by our TBI companions.

A person living with TBI may be winning but with one breath at a time. The world pats us on the back for our patience and endurance from day to day and month to month but they are unable to see the edges we live with each moment.

A smile on our face or a laugh from our heart brings people around us to say we must be getting healthier, we are not damaged, but what they are truly seeing is a moment of courage in our heart expressing itself. TBI is not a disease, it is an injury inflicted on us without our consent!


Hope is not a cure but it is one of the powers we find to daily survive. Hope can give us balance, and perhaps a good day. Never give up!

Thomas Quinlan
March 2, 2013

Ps. A snapshot of TBI’s daily invisible edges: \ < |^/ _ - \ / ) - / ( >
A snapshot of healthy invisible edges: —- / — - - -_ ^ — _ _ _ — >

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