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The Raven is often a misunderstood animal, especially in literature and movies where it is often used as a symbol of evil, death, or foreboding. However, the animal itself is quite the opposite. 

The Raven is a highly intelligent animal that mates for life, can create toys to play with, tools to use, and shows compassion towards another's suffering. At one point they were also the messengers of Gods from many cultures around the world. This doesn't sound like a bird of evil to me!


 TBI, like the Raven, is often misunderstood, and we have to remember that sometimes the reality of a thing and what we think about it can be radically different. This Tremendously Beautiful Individual, the Raven, has come to characterize that connection in my life. People may not understand me, they may think of me as one way, but the reality is entirely different from those negative or wrong perceptions. 

I encourage everyone with TBI to find their own animal that they can come to understand on a deep level that has a significant meaning for them in their lives. That animal may change tomorrow, but the idea is to show a little compassion and understanding toward yourself through an associated animal. 


Here are a few more animals for you to think about that may hold a special meaning for you. Of course, always choose the animal that most represents you, your situation, and how you feel.

Your animal may change daily or never at all. Just take some time to sit and connect with the animal that means the most to you!

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