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Speaking Engagements

Tom is available for speaking engagements! After going to countless support groups Tom has figured out what works and what doesn't in helping him live with his TBI. He wants to help others find the same strength for making it through each day with a disability and traumatic brain injury.

Book Tom today to speak on

  • TBI and surviving daily

  • Replenishing Self-Esteem

  • Seizures

  • Depression

  • Street Wise (City Safety with a TBI)

  • Psalm 46

  • Psalms 56

  • Psalms 105

  • How to Prepare your Waking Hours

  • Caregiver & Client Tips for Peace

  • Romans 12:1 - Presenting Our Body

  • Romans 12:2

  • Matthew 11:28 - "Come to Me," Jesus Said

  • One Year into a Disability

  • Three Years into a Disability 

  • 9+ Years into a Disability

  • Accepting Our Disability NOT as a Gift

  • From God but that God does not Stop Loving Us

  • Being Still Physically & Quieting Our Brain

  • Thanksgiving... It's Doing God's Will!

Please send us a request through our contact page to book Tom for your next speaking event!

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