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Street Wise™ & Public Transportation 

After a TBI we need to relearn how to be in the world again. Things that we took for granted may become challenges for us now. Here are a few tips and tricks we've gathered over the years that may help you navigate going through the city, using public transportation, and staying safe while doing so. 

Treetop Snow

Wind Chill Index

Dress for how cold it will feel, not how cold it will be.

When we step outside in the winter it can look warm, but be dangerously cold due to the wind. Use this chart to help you determine if it's both safe to go outside that day and if you have warm enough clothes to go outside. 

Sandy Beach
heat index.png

Heat Index

Don't take chances in the summer when temperatures are high.

When summer rolls around we often want to be outside more, but the heat can harm just as quickly as the cold. Check the heat index before heading out to know if you will be safe to be outside and in the sun for long periods during travel.

Visual Guide to Navigating the City


To cross streets safely use crosswalks and signals. These are the tools that the city has provided you to stay safe. Follow the walk and stop signs and never jaywalk or cross agaisnt the light.


Step out onto the corner and wait for the crossing signal so traffic can see you and know that you are going to be stepping into the street.


Crosswalks are for people, but that doesn't stop cars from blocking them. Always pay attention when crossing an intersection.


Never take a shortcut that is blocked off with warning tape or orange cones -- it could be dangerous and it's always better to be safe than sorry.


Don't be an easy target for thieves -- keep your head up in public and do not use your cell phone while walking. 


Be aware of your safety options -- where they are and how you can get to them. It's better to know now then be searching for them when you need them.


It's easy to get tripped up by uneven platforms at Light Rail Stations. Always be aware of where you are stepping to avoid a fall.


When riding a bus or Light Rail people like to get out of their seats early in preparation to exit the ride and stand in the aisle, this causes congestion and bumping into each other, stepping on each other or even an elbow to the chest. There is no need to get out of your seat early. A bus driver will see you stand up to exit and wait for you to safely get off. With the Light Rail, you have 15 seconds or more to exit. 

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