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What is Meditation?

Meditation, at its heart, is a way to balance the brain, increase hope, bring a sense of peace into our lives, and quite what is going on in between our ears. 

There is no "right" way to meditate.


To meditate all you need is a quiet space and a place to be comfortable, either sitting or laying down, where you can have a few minutes to yourself without being disturbed. It can be as simple as following your breath in and out or repeating a phrase or word in your mind.


Guided meditations are a great way to get started! You can find guided meditations that can help with anxiety, stress, or being present.

Some places you can find guided meditations:

  • YouTube

  • Headspace (phone app)

  • Calm (phone app)

  • Insight Timer (phone app)

If you want to try meditating by yourself here are some great ideas to focus on:

  • Honoring ourselves

  • Honoring the things you do

  • The TBI Bill of Rights

  • Things that are excellent

  • Things that are commendable

  • The good you have done since TBI

Meditation is a skill - that's why it's called a meditation practice!

When we start to practice and develop any new skill it can be very challenging in the beginning, but meditation isn't about perfection, it's all about progress. Unlike other skills we obtain over our lifetime, it's not about the hours of work we put in it's about the intention to take the time and sit down and be present for a period of time, whether that's 5 minutes or an hour.

Some days you may not be in the right headspace to meditate and that is okay! Don't force yourself. 

Listen to your body before, during, and after meditation. Drink water, have a snack, do what you need to do to feel comfortable because you're working hard to slow down. 

If it feels too tiring for your brain, STOP! Do something else, like taking a walk, stretch, make a positive phone call to someone. This is about training your brain to make meditation a permanent helper in your life. 

Meditate on something besides your injury.

Write down a positive affirmation or worthy thought and keep it in your purse or wallet and pull it out during the day and read it, take a moment to be present with the words, and use that as mini-meditation throughout the day. 

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