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Aromatherapy for TBI

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I have been working with Justie, who is a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA international, and since 2013 we have been trying to find combinations of the doTERRA oils to help my Traumatic Brain Injury. This was not easy! The Frankincense was the first product that showed very positive effects on me. In the morning use 3 sniffs from the top of the bottle into each nostril and the 3 little taps on the top of the back of my neck. A purity which means consistency is what sold me on the doTERRA product. Other Frankincense products I bought were not consistent in the ingredients and therefore a completely different reaction to my neurological damaged brain abilities to function with every new bottle…not good!

I now use 5 different products from doTERRA. All the growth to use this product was accomplished with much patience with Justie and myself, you have to find what works for you!

Greska's Carbon-60

Gresk’s Carbon 60 was introduced to me in 2014. It has been a major plus regarding my surviving daily seizures. This is a helper of a product that is PURE in its manufacturing. The PURE is very important because with every purchase of this product I know I am safe.

This product to my knowledge has never kept one of my 60,000 seizures from happening but I know for a fact it keeps me from hitting the bottom of the life bucket all the time to enable me to have victory with every seizure.

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Vibrant Cuisine


Robin Jeep is a celebrity chef and published wellness author (Super Antioxidant Diet and Nutrition Guide 2008) which she wrote with Richard Couey, PhD, a Baylor University professor and cell physiologist. She has prepared nutritious and delicious meals for celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Jeff Lynne of ELO, and the Emmitt Smith family. 

Suffering from a serious accident and subsequent mysterious health problems drove Robin to make the connection between food and health.  She discovered world renowned whole food nutrition expert, Joel Fuhrman, MD, NY Times bestselling author and host of multiple PBS television health shows. Dr. Fuhrman saved her life with his medical approach to nutrition. Later she landed a job as his dietary assistant, recipe developer and his patients’ health coach. She witnessed what many people would term miraculous recoveries but were simply brought about by eating his Nutritarian food protocol. 

Robin and her partner Mark Adams, a home and building inspector and organic gardener, educate folks through their programs which consist of live cooking shows, shopping trips, motivational lectures, permaculture driven gardening, foraging, one-on-one coaching and creating healthy homes and businesses. Robin’s focus is on GI and mysterious chronic health issues. In spite of her chronic illness, she was able to stay alive and continue to be active because of her nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory diet. After 20 years of debilitating health issues and continued searching for answers, she discovered the primary source of her suffering had been toxic mold exposure. For certain individuals, mold exposure over activates the immune system which then becomes reactive to our environment. It can cause symptoms such as brain fog, anxiety, food sensitivities, eye irritation, acid reflux, IBS, nausea, headaches, hives and fatigue to name a few.

After years of research and working with experienced and skilled health professionals and scientists, Robin guides people on a comprehensive journey to wellness. She provides culinary nutrition expertise, wellness solutions and suggested health providers when necessary. Mark provides air quality consulting and air purification solutions so that homes can be a health restorative sanctuary in our toxic world. 

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