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A Counselor’s Responsibility

Man helping disabled daughter balance on a log
Help people move, don't get in their way!

This Summer I met a counselor that had “skills”!

We talked for several hours and I was pleasantly surprised by their ability to carry on a conversation about people with disabilities, with understanding and compassion!

In the next conversation, I asked this amazing counselor if they talk to their patients about increasing their self-esteem, with which I meant to live with the reality of a permanent disability and still live a worthy life. The counselor looked and acted baffled and confused.

We talked for a few days and the counselor never came close to understanding the role they should play in not only helping us to endure pain, loss, and suffering but that of regaining some of our self-worth, and self-esteem.

If you have been going to a counselor or a support group and they do not promote at least the possibility of living a higher quality of life it may be time to bring a healthy friend in and examine your counselor!

We never want to give up on life and become a "New Norm" or a "Thriving" disabled person, we are the same as before the disability but now we live with it daily (moment by moment)! We are not a disabled person!

We are a person with a disability and if you are not moving with us then get out of our way so we do not run you over. No matter how slowly we are moving we are moving and that's what matters! So, if you're not here to help us then get out of the way!

Thomas Quinlan

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