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TBI is acutely defined as a WOW in our lives!!!

Hello my friends,

For me, March 2 is the day many years ago I was attacked by my beloved fiancé and my business partner and was left for dead in a river of ice and snow.

I woke up face down in the river and got up on my knees. Before I could get out of the nearly frozen river I was told to forgive and then ask them why.

I have lost everything!!!! My bank account, my 4 children and 18 grand children along with my professional dancing career. My business since I had since 1993 was totally lost, along with the over 200 people working for and with me. I lost my national speaking engagements along with my $350,000.00 income. I have spent easily over 10 years in a homeless situation.

The support groups I attended for years refused to believe I was not full of hate and revenger. They also tried their best to sell me on a “New Norm” and “Thriving”. Both to me were personal death sentences. I am Tom with a TBI not somebodies TBI Tom.

I refused to accept their “Survivor of TBI” education. I will never be a Survivor but I do except the major challenge to SURVIVING moment by moment every day. SOME TBIs WILL NEVER GO AWAY AND THE SOONER YOU AND I EXCEPT THIS THE BETTER OFF WE WILL BE.

So, today March 2, 2024 I will take a break from blogging to give my TBI brain some rest.

I use to do a journal for years and then took a little break and when I got back to my journal book I saw all my daily writings were saying good bye to my children, I have not journaled since. Sometimes taking a break we can discover some really bad habits.

Keep your imagination going as strong as possible, this is so much more powerful the medication and support groups.


Thomas Quinlan


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