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Put Yourself First this Holiday Season

Outdoor Christmas Lights
Outdoor Christmas Lights

With November here we can officially say the Holiday Season for 2023 has begun.

It’s this time of year that can bring us the most stress and the time of year when we are most likely to be misunderstood. When others have so much of the holiday spirit it’s hard for us to foster the same “holiday feelings” within ourselves when we are fighting daily for our survival. Interactions at holiday events can leave us feeling misunderstood, torn down, and in shock from those who do not understand what our lives are like.

Our lives are different and we should not hold it against people who are in the throes of the Holiday Season because they are ignorant of our struggles. I have learned over the years to deflect the general public’s opinions of disabled people and I typically avoid holiday crowds and even business meetings as much as possible this time of year.

Since my accident, I have learned to accept my present life, which means I will not be able to fully partake in the joy or happiness available in life but be content with what I have left of my brain and body that will see me through to the end. Staying in the present allows me to like, but not love, my life.

This Holiday Season remember to put yourself first and manage your inner strength before engaging in holiday events. We are engaged in the daily battle for our lives and sanity—a battle we do by ourselves.

May you find a moment of peace this Holiday Season.

Thomas Quinlan

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