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Woes the proper explanation to the TBI experience

Updated: May 24, 2022

To grow in places people can not imagine is the power we the disabled flourish in … if only in our imagination. We will grow!!! We will live!!! TQ.

However to live this type of life you MUST stop thinking a new norm or a thriving life or a brainpower group is going to actually benefit you.

The best one-word direction I have come across is Woes!

The dictionary has the best one-liner and it is Woes!!!

The meaning of Woes is: great sorrow or distress

Woes are a disability at work in our hearts, minds, and daily moment by moment surviving!

Here is a list of other words that help define Woes: misery, sorrow, distress, despair, disaster, suffering, and agony. There are many more one-word definitions for Woes. Not one of these words was professionally spoken of by support groups of a personal counselor. All these professionals just want you to give up and live a shallow life that fits their definition of healing. The professional approach to servicing a disabled person is one of the major reasons that so many of us just give up and end our lives.

If the professionals only cover very shallow evidence of a disability and not the one word Woes we by the thousands will give up every year.

I wish we all would have been taught this in our very first support group class!!!

Thomas Quinlan #2013

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