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Finding a Job that Suits YOU

A man in a wheelchair hands his resume to three people sitting behind a table for an interview
A man in a wheelchair hands his resume to the people interviewing him

We all know how important it is to have income and the easiest way to get an income is to get a job! However, it’s important to take your limitations into consideration when you are applying for and working a job.

  1. Can you get to where the job is? Meaning, can you walk or get your wheelchair to the location reliably? Can you incorporate public transportation, or a ride-sharing service like Lyft or get transportation from a friend?

  2. Do you have clean and appropriate clothing for the job?

  3. Are you able to talk about your strengths and not focus on your disability in order to get the job? Be open but not revealing if you aren’t asked directly about your disability.

  4. Can you handle the stressors of the job and not complain about the work during the interview or on the job?

  5. Do you know your limitations? How many days a week can you work? How many hours a day? Knowing this can help you remain physically and mentally fit enough to continue to do the job!

Remember, only you know if you can fulfill the job's duties, so playing your cards close to your chest during the interview process and even in the beginning stages of a job is crucial. Your schedule and how little or how much you can work is not their concern; you don’t have to talk about it or justify why you can only work so many days or hours a week.

Of course, remember that getting a job and working (even a few hours a week) is a HUGE life change. Be patient with your body and mind as they adjust to the changes and KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT! If you win, great! If not, you can always find a different job! is a great disability web page! GOD, “I will not back down”

-Thomas Quinlan

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