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Finding your value in the word of God

Two teen reading a bible together
Two teens reading the bible together

We all want some kind of physical evidence of God’s presence in our lives. It would be so easy if we were able to see Him and know He is there. But, God wants us to show Him faith because without faith and faith is believing without seeing.

Faith comes from reading the Word of God… not by going to church and meetings. To immerse yourself in His Word is an act of faith.

Spend time with God. He died for you on the cross so you commune and fellowship with Him.

We often blame God for things going wrong in our lives, but God is not the problem, your lack of time with Him is the problem.

Communing with God is more than just understanding His Word; it’s about feeling it in your heart and your bones. Reading His Word helps us feel that!

If you feel alone and forgotten go to HIS WORD and rediscover your value from inside God’s point of view.

Thomas Quinlan

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