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Happy 2023

Balloons that say 2023

Another new year is upon us and while able-bodied people are making new years resolutions knowing that they will likely give it up in a few weeks we only have one resolution that we can never give up on – keep going, stay hopeful, and stay alive.

It’s hard to watch people this time of year as they take this time to begin anew while we battle with our disabilities. Our daily struggles remind us to be resolute where others can be lax. Our disabilities remind us to be thankful when others are apathetic and selfish. We, the disabled, can only do what we do every day… keep going.

We shouldn’t look for praise from friends, family, or even our enemies. Our struggles our always seen by our Creator. We are seen by Him, not as others see us, but through the eyes of love, and that can help bring us some moment of peace. Take joy that we will meet Him and he will reward us in the great congregation!

Blessings to all Thomas Quinlan

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