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Have systems and support in place

An empty coffee shop filled with plants that looks very inviting
An inviting coffee shop

When we are traveling out in the cities where we live it’s so important to make sure that we have spaces that we can go to, to rest, recuperate, and have access to in case we need them. I call these my support places. These can be coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, or homes of people we know.

Imagine my surprise when I found that one of my support places, a local coffee shop, was out of business! I am so dependent on these locations as my backup support that I let everything else go that I had planned that day just to find a new support location.

I use these locations to safely move around my city of 2.5 million with as little fear as possible. I use these places as a refuge when I start to lose my balance or my TBI brain is struck with a seizure (I call them unwelcome companions) and forces itself into my day. It took a few hours but I was able to find a new space that I will be able to go do when I need it.

The next day I called my TBI support team (I call them the 4 pillars) and thanked them for their support and I knew they were there to continue to support me moving forward.

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