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Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center

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I recently ran into someone who worked for an amazing organization, the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center. They work with patients, families, and caregivers to translate health information into easy-to-understand language and formats. Specifically, they focus on patients’ spinal cord, traumatic brain, and burn injuries. The service they provide is invaluable!

For people with TBIs, they understand that it is a multi-layer disability and that nearly all people who have a TBI also have other Unwelcome Companions™ that add extra effort on our part to negotiate our daily lives.

They provide easy-to-understand information in English and Spanish, this includes reading materials and videos! MSKTC is working hard to help people affected by TBI (and other health conditions) and their caregivers understand their complex, life-changing disability in a way that helps everyone involved.

Be sure to bookmark their page and share their resources with your own friends, family, and caregivers. This is not a sponsored post, I just love the work that they do help people navigate their TBIs.

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