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One decisive moment

a women madidates on gray stones with a singing bowl next to her
Mediating to connect with God

A few weeks after the hit and run that gave me my TBI I was in bed, and I didn’t know why, and I was in massive pain. Alone, I had no information as to what happened, why, and who put me here. I was confined and with nothing else to do, I wanted to find answers.

Out of pure desperation, I took out my bible and started reading about Jesus’s life and the suffering he endured. After reading for three days, I saw that Jesus, the God of all creation and salvation, suffered greatly, from his conception to his journey to the cross and his resurrection.

I saw that God is in control, but he allows our lives to unfold as they well, but we are never without Him. He is there with us, and He suffers along with us as well. But He also rejoices with us and in the end, He will greet us in heaven.

It has been many years since that reading. I have been homeless off and on again and I have endured over 60,000 seizures. Through it all, I know God is with me and suffers with me every time I suffer.

“Be still and know that I am God!” Only by doing this can we connect with our creator and balance our brains for peace.

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