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Our inherent value

To hands using their fingers to form a heart
Two hands form a heart

If you have a TBI then you have lost everything. I'm not going to list all of the things we've lost because of our disability, but it is everything!

So, what value do we have now? What is our purpose now? How do we continue to move forward in this life?

It isn't easy... but we MUST realize that we are ALIVE! We have been blessed by the Almighty to keep on breathing and that he has a gift for us to give to the people around us and ourselves!

Life is not all about us and our recovery (shocker, I know!). Life after a TBI is about us giving to others and what we can become and how we are blessed by doing it.

No matter how your disability came into your life you now have an “Unwelcomed Companion” to live with. We can not control this disability but we can manage it daily to make our life of value to ourselves and others again. As small as it may be, it is the Almighty’s promise to use it to its greatest benefit to us and others!

We do not need to fake a smile or a laugh, just be you and do the best we can be and let God handle the rest.

Be at peace, meditate peace, love peace!

Thomas Quinlan

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