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Outdoor Buddies

To seated men talking and fishing
Two men talking and fishing

Outdoor Buddies ( is a non-profit organization that provides outdoor opportunities to those who have been deprived of enjoying outdoor experiences. Initially created in 1984 to help those rehabilitating from spinal cord injuries, they have since expanded to assist all mobility-disabled persons as well as at-risk youth and other youth programs. The volunteers provide experiences that include, hunting, fishing, boating, camping, and education related to outdoor reactional activities at no cost to the individual.

Their mission statement just makes my heart sing when I read it.

Outdoor Buddies mission is to provide opportunities, through a volunteer organization, for those who have been deprived of enjoying outdoor experiences.

I never would have imagined that such a great organization was just in my own backyard! Being able to go outside and experience nature has been one of the ways in which I am able to survive daily. When I can I go out on walks on paved trails and it helps me so much.

Although I have not been able to take advantage of their opportunities I hope to utilize this great organization and its volunteers in the future! I'm adding them to the resources in the Daily Living section of the website because I believe they can be an invaluable resource for people with a TBI.

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