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Regaining your self-worth and self esteem

Several hands with a red heart painted on them.
Multiple hands creating a heart

This is very hard to do because we have been classified as “disabled,” less than whole, and suffering through life as hopeless people or even sub-human.

The question then becomes, “How can I regain some of my self-esteem?” Surely not through the “New Norm” mentality and through the massive destruction of who we were before our label.

Our true self-esteem comes by digging, sometimes very deep, into ourselves to find the real us. We are not disabled people but people with a disability!

If we have trouble finding our “true selves” we can look outward and ask for the opinions of people we love and trust as to what they think our strengths are. When they tell you your strengths, you don’t have to believe them, you just have to hold onto it and let it guide you with your own heart. Try to start believing in yourself and what other’s tell you. Let all of the wonderful experiences add up and over time you’ll hopefully start adding more value and self-esteem to yourself. Maybe not like before, but more than the death sentence of the “new norm” propaganda people have been trying to feed you.

Look at how God sees you! He loved you so much that he took on your sins on the cross. He took on everything that you could not so you could have your life. He loves you and did this for YOU. He believed in you so much and knew you were worth it. He then came back three days later to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that he would take care of all of us for Eternity!

We are of much more value than a “new norm” and we can have self-esteem once again! Please look to God and others to validate your worthiness!

Thomas Quinlan

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