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Scared to do nothing

A picture at the river's edge flowing under a bridge.
A river flowing under a bridge

I am always trying to do something... it's the only way I can survive every day with my disability. Doing nothing is really scary.

I must keep my mind active to distract me from my disability; or in order to survive some ugly part of it. It took me years to somewhat get control of the idea of doing nothing. Having 'nothing' going through my brain or body… nothing is easy for the disabled, NOTHING!

My little book “30 Seconds” addresses this on its first page, "Be still and know that I am God," but our disabilities say “DO NOTHING.” Our disabilities try to tell us to DO NOTHING but that in itself is a death sentence where we lose who we are and our ability to do anything.

But God tells us to BE STILL, which is different. Stillness lets us connect with God. Try to practice being quiet without any preset time during the day, even if it's just for 30 seconds. Then grow from there.

“Doing nothing” is a lot easier than thinking nothing. Instead of trying to think nothing think about all of the best things that you still have for just 30 seconds and let the joy of those things fill you and let yourself enjoy them again. Your gratitude skill will grow and your use of the split-second quiet times will be helpful.

Nothing is going to heal a permanent disability but we can still shine. I personally have a river I visit and sometimes it calls out to me, “Looking forward to seeing you at the edge of my water so I may impart rest for your mind, hope for your heart, and a quenching of your soul’s thirst for peace."

You too should try to find your river, whatever that may be. It could be a place, person, or activity that lets you find peace for a moment, just let your heart decide.

Thomas Quinlan

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