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Spiritual Advances

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

A small child praying
Child praying

Our closest ally is God Almighty!

I recently asked my blogging editor why she hadn’t published any of my new blogs for the last several weeks and her reply was that I just kept sending her the ones that were already published!

I worked hard to get them to her and I just had to laugh a bit at the whole situation. I used to get so upset when I made mistakes after my TBI. Today I can say that 99% of the time I laugh at myself, smile, and correct the mistake.

TBI is very, very personal and has its own personal way of affecting each of our lives every day. Maybe more importantly it has its own way of affecting our self-worth every day. We are all far better than our “Unwelcome Companion” and its negative effect on our minds, bodies, and lives.

We don’t need to fill our lives with the anger that can arise because of our TBI. We can make the world a brighter place by leaving things like F-bombs and taking God’s name in vain at the door. Learn to breathe, laugh, and let go! If there are mistakes to fix then fix them.

I try to remind myself, “God is our refuge and strength and very present in times of trouble.” God is always with us, and although we also need support from the people around us we also need to trust that God is there too. Jesus is the WORD in the flesh, so go to Him and read His word and live the best life you can.

Thomas Quinlan

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