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Treating a TBI Early Can Be Life Changing!

A man getting a brain scan
A man getting a brain scan

A short time ago I attended a TBI class online sponsored by The doctor running the class has become a beacon for proper training, assessment, and treatment for people who have sustained a TBI. These are a few of the participant’s stories showing how important this Doctor’s work is and how getting proper treatment could change the course of people’s lives.

A woman told her story about how it took five years for her doctors to finally discover she had a Traumatic Brain Injury. It is recommended that TBIs be treated within hours of injury not five years! Watching any NFL games teaches us that!

A man visited his doctor after being hit on the head and was told to go home, “He would be fine.” Unfortunately, his TBI has taken a serious negative turn after years of no treatment. This man has suffered because of the lack of training in the medical industry to competently diagnose and treat TBIs!

A full-time professional medical caregiver was injured and it resulted in a TBI. The TBI and mistreatment by her medical team resulted in the loss of her self-esteem and her ability to continue her passion and career as a medical caregiver. Over time she regained her self-esteem and wanted to continue to help others but the loss of brain power needed to maintain the inner strength to continue her profession was lost to the TBI. This is another example of negligence by the medical community!

My own story starts after being hit by a SUV and being left for dead. My neurological doctor was only treating me for whiplash! One year later I met another doctor who picked up on my seizures and advocated for me by sending a letter to my doctor telling him I had a brain injury and needed to be treated for a TBI. I had no idea what that even was until this new doctor told me. I have had well over 60,000 seizures and my personal doctor never even noticed! If I had a more competent doctor my outcome may have been different!

All of this is to say that we need people in our corner who can advocate for us! We also need to keep looking for things that help us live with our unwelcome companions. Not all the advice we receive may be helpful but you never know when it will lead us to something or someone that can help us!

Please check out it is great!

“No, I will not back down.” -God

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