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Why Self-Esteem Matters

A Black woman holds a dog while watching the sunrise
A woman holds her dog while watching the sunrise

Self-esteem is a major factor in the decisions we make… whether we are disabled or not!

The important part of the word self-esteem is the word SELF. What matters is how we think and feel about ourselves, not what other people think and feel about us! Others may encourage us to think better of ourselves but at the end of the day all that matters is how we feel about ourselves! We must be the ones to believe in ourselves and our intrinsic value.

God has something to say on this subject too. He gave Himself on the cross to bring us to Heaven and HE highly esteems us with great LOVE. So, when it’s 3 AM and you wake up with little to no reason to keep breathing, there is no doctor to help you no counselor to talk to you you aren’t alone and you are worthy to fight through that moment. God is with you and He wants you to feel His love so you can see another sunrise.

I have had a hundred mornings like this when the hopelessness tries to take hold and I have to be as still and quiet as possible to let it pass. That has been my winning strategy. We cannot solve or understand all of our strange mind-bending experiences so I have learned (and I hope you do too!) to just let them pass without our understanding so we can see another Sunrise again!

Blessings to all of us morning warriors. is a great disability web page! GOD, “I will not back down”

-Thomas Quinlan

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