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Win with Patience and Hope

Despair and Hopelessness First my solution is inner patience and eventually I win….hours, weeks, months or years stay patient with your mind, heart and soul to see the problem through. – Thomas Quinlan

The sun is rising and shining through the mist of a mountain forest
Morning mist over a mountain forest

The other day I was cleaning out my humidifier and ended up losing a vital part that is absolutely required for it to work! I knew the issue immediately – I didn’t do enough planning to make sure I could do this safely and without losing any parts.

This was tough for me because I live in poverty and it may take me up to three months to save enough money to replace my needed humidifier. I already struggle with my disability so this just weighed on me. It takes so much inner strength to function and survive on a daily basis and on top of that... I lost my valued device.

I try to remind myself that living with a disability and other “unwelcome companions” we have to have hope. Hope is the spark that will keep us going when others have no idea of our struggles and only give us platitudes. We, the disabled community, cannot just “push through,” “try harder,” “be happy,” or “keep our heads up.” We struggle daily and survive daily and sometimes hope is the only thing that keeps us going.

Count your blessings if you have a person in your life that truly cares and listens to you, even if they don’t share your struggles. If you have no one then count your blessings that you are there for yourself and you have the self-esteem and willpower to WIN with your PATIENCE.

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