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Money Problems and TBI

Two children placing food in a box
Food being placed into a box

Money is a massive issue for people who have disabilities, including those with TBIs. I have spent over 10 years on a low fixed-income Social Security check, and although I am grateful it just isn’t enough.

Money is such a major problem and there are so many expenses outside of what that Social Security check can cover. I won’t list all the issues that can come up because it’s such a source of anxiety but spending my days focused on money, or the lack thereof, is a constant struggle. Not having enough to cover expenses or not having a source of renewable income may mean that you too are under the negative power of poverty.

I have spent years looking for properly cared for food banks and have been lucky enough to find one, but things like rent are always on my mind and the stress is a huge blow to being able to deal with my daily seizures. I am always continuing to look for additional sources of income with the hope that I can have more than one meal a week and stop sustaining on crackers in between.

So much of the care centered around TBI, as well as many other disabilities, is about accepting the reality of your situation. However, none of that matters when we are unable to pay our rent or buy food for the week. Our “new norm” should not be starvation and homeless shelters!

We need people in our corner who can stand up and speak up for those of us who are truly struggling to keep our lives going. If you want to help then do something because we need so much more than platitudes.

God's Promise, “I will not back down.”

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